Students interested in health care can foster their interest in a number of different ways through the Center. We encourage interested and curious students to engage early and often with the Center. The better we know you and your interests, the more we can help you create a path that meets your learning and professional goals. If you are applying to Tuck and want to better understand the health care opportunities, we encourage you to reach out directly to the Center and to current students.  Upon acceptance to Tuck, we advise that you contact the Center to share your interests and learn how you can pursue your academic and health care career interests at Tuck.  

Once at Tuck, the Center serves as a hub of learning, community, and network for students interested in health care. The health care elective curriculum and joint degree programs are organized and led through the Center. Students engage with the center during their two years at Tuck via speakers, health care events, and career guidance. The Center develops and maintains relationships with alumni in health care and serves to connect students with one another and with faculty, the broader Dartmouth community and with alumni.

Students can personalize their health care experience at Tuck as members of the Health Care Club, applying to be a Fellow with the Center, or pursuing an independent study. Students planning a career in health care or who are simply interested in learning about health care while at Tuck, the Center has resources and insight to share and welcomes all students to participate in Center activities.

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“Connect with the Centers early on at Tuck. One of the incredibly unique things about Tuck is our size. Our small size facilitates close relationships with the Center Heads. Once they know you and your interests well, they are all excellent about connecting you with opportunities in the Tuck and Dartmouth communities for research, learning, and growth. My close relationships with the Center Heads have been one of the absolute highlights of my Tuck experience."

Madeleine Livingston T'21 | Health Care Fellow