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Why I Pursued a Joint Degree at Dartmouth and Tuck

Through a joint degree with The Dartmouth Institute, David Washer T’17 was able to strengthen his public health toolkit—but it was Tuck that helped him explore his passion for entrepreneurship.
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The Himalayan Cataract Project: Personal. Connected. Transformative

“That morning, 40 eyes regained sight,” shares Vedrana Greatorex T’18 of her spring break spent in Nepal working with the Himalayan Cataract Project: for her First-Year Project.
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Internship Diary: Boston Children’s Hospital

I came to Tuck to gain a well-rounded business foundation that would allow me to make a meaningful impact on the health care delivery system. I’m particularly interested in technology solutions that redefine the way patients interact with our health care system.
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MBA/...? Joint and Dual Degrees at Tuck

Tuck has several opportunities for students to customize their MBA experience around individual areas of interest or areas that are of particular relevance to the next step in their career.
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Internship Diary: The World Health Organization

For a former UN nerd, this summer couldn’t have started any better. Here I was at the headquarters of the World Health Organization during a working group meeting listening to state officials from every region of the world debate the best policies going forward for the financing of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in the developing world.
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An Internship in Health Care, Thanks to Tuck GIVES

This summer, with support from Tuck GIVES, I interned at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in Perioperative Services, learning a tremendous amount about how a hospital functions.
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What We Learned: The 2016 Netherlands GIX

Going into the GIX, I felt like I had a basic idea of the differences between the U.S. and Dutch health care systems, but what I wanted to understand was why the Dutch system is organized the way it is, and if any of these elements could make sense in the U.S.
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A New Perspective on Health Care: The Netherlands GIX at the TIAS School for Business and Society

Ten students traveled to the Netherlands over spring break to attend a Global Insight Expedition (GIX) led by Bob Hansen, senior associate dean and the Norman W. Martin 1925 Professor of Business Administration.
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The Search for the Perfect Career: An Update

Eric is a career switcher who transitioned from an education nonprofit—Teach For America—to the health care sector. He hopes to expand health access to all populations.
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Find Your Calling—Not Your Career

Finding a calling requires following a vastly different path than just looking for a good career, and in my personal journey, I have found that Tuck provides the perfect ecosystem for me to better understand my passion, values, and ultimately the right job for me.
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