Projects & Independent Study

Projects & Independent Study

In addition to classroom learning, many Tuck students expand their healthcare industry experience by participating in a healthcare-focused independent study or experiential learning opportunity. These include the First-Year Project, OnSite Global Consulting or healthcare projects.

First-Year Project

The First-Year Project course (FYP) is an educational experience and part of the core first year curriculum in which teams of five Tuck students apply classroom learning to complex, real-world business challenges for clients. Under the guidance of an experienced faculty advisor, student teams learn practical consulting skills while their clients—ranging from early-stage startups to nonprofits to global industry leaders—benefit from the student’s experience and study at the leading edge of business education. Many Tuck students have chosen to focus their First Year Project experience on healthcare. Recent projects completed by Tuck students include a market strategy project for a multinational pharmaceutical company, a market entry/business model strategy project for a healthcare IT startup company, a strategic and logistical analysis for a global healthcare nonprofit of a program that sends U.S. healthcare providers to underdeveloped regions, and a feasibility study for a proposed business unit within the emergency department of a major teaching hospital. The Learn more about the First-Year Project.

OnSite Global Consulting

OnSite Global Consulting (OnSite) is a second-year MBA elective course offering professional quality consulting services to a host of worldwide clients, and an extraordinary experiential learning opportunity for students. The program provides a cost-effective solution for corporations, non-profits, and governments that lack the time, budget, or human resources to address specific strategic initiatives. More than 194 projects for 132 clients in 50+ countries have put Tuck students’ management skills and business expertise to the test in a global context, with remarkable outcomes for students and clients alike. Consulting projects are carried out by teams of students working under the supervision of advisors with extensive consulting and project management experience. All projects include an immersive, full-time fieldwork component, outside of the U.S. As students strengthen their consulting and project management skills, they also learn to successfully navigate new business environments and cultures - a prerequisite for success in a globalized economy. Learn more about OnSite.

Independent Study

Independent Study projects allow students to explore a healthcare topic of their choosing for credit. Each study is approved and supervised by two faculty members and graded at its conclusion.  Some of the recent topics explored by student through independent study projects include:

  • Biopharmaceutical Innovation Financing
  • Economics of Healthcare Benefits, Utilization and Costs at Dartmouth College
  • Are Branded Generics a Viable Business Opportunity for Big Pharma?
  • Value-Based Healthcare Delivery
  • A New Business Model for Medical Tech Transfer
  • A Public-Private Business Model for Implementing a National Health & Wellness Initiative
  • Specialty Pharmaceuticals
  • Healthcare Supply Chain Management
  • An Exploration and Analysis of the Dartmouth Atlas of Healthcare
  • Exploring the Business Case for Cancer Consulting
  • Comparative Health Systems and Kosovo
  • Mobile Healthcare Case Study
  • DHMC Cardiology Optimization
  • Health Care Information Technology
  • CVS Caremark Healthcare Industry Business Case
  • Medical Pathways on the Web

Himalayan Cataract Project

Five Tuck students are working on their First-Year Project with the Himalayan Cataract Project, an international non-profit.

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Tuck and the Indian Health Service

In May 2013, a First-Year Project team delivered recommendations to significantly increase revenue at the Quentin N. Burdick Memorial Health Care facility (QNB) in Belcourt, North Dakota.
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