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Tuck Class of 2015 Orientation Program

  • Date: 30 Aug
  • Location: Tuck School
  • Time: 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

The Orientation Program for the class of 2015 is an essential introduction to the people, opportunities, and services that will make your two years at Tuck an outstanding experience. Through lectures, interactive sessions, experiential learning, and social events, we will provide an introduction to your two years at Tuck that will be both informative and inspirational. The program changes every year and is managed by the MBA Program Office.

Orientation is the first time your class will be together on campus, and you’ll find the experience provides the platform for a lifelong network of colleagues and friends. Although the week is designed for you to get to know your full class, as many of the activities are programmed according to your fall-term section and small-group assignments.

The week will include sessions focusing on how to work in your fall study group; what to expect from faculty and the core classes; and the Tuck Codes of Conduct–the Honor Principle and the Social Code. You will refine your résumé with your peers and associates from the Career Development Office, gain a better understanding of the job search process, and learn more about the various industries related to your career search. The Center for Business and Society will organize a day of service in the Upper Valley working in small groups. This opportunity will give you the chance to meet more classmates as well as make a difference in your new community. There will also be time to socialize with your classmates during free breaks as well as the small-group dinners the MBA Program Office will coordinate.

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