No school has a network like Tuck’s. Not only are our alumni at the top of every field, they are also active members of our community. Here are ways for alumni to be involved in healthcare at Tuck.

Keep In Touch

Stay up to date on healthcare happenings at Tuck by updating your profile in Tuck’s new alumni portal, myTuck.

Update your interests - You can specify that you are interested in receiving the latest healthcare news by updating your interests in myTuck Interests. This will customize what stories you will see in your Home Page news feed, and on the Lifelong Learning home page.

Update your industry and function - You can now update the Work Information portion of your myTuck profile to include more detailed information on your industry and function. This is particularly useful for alumni who work in industries that support the healthcare sector such as finance, consulting and private equity who previously may not have been classified as working in the healthcare sector.

Sponsor a First Year Project or OnSite Global Consulting Project

Alumni frequently sponsor First-Year Projects and OnSite Global Consulting Projects. During these projects, companies, not-for-profits and governments work with a team of Tuck students who apply their rigorous general-management education to complex business challenges of actual clients. If you would like to sponsor a project please let us know.

Speak at Tuck

The Healthcare Initiative hosts a wide array of speakers and guest lecturers. There are opportunities for Tuck alumni to speak at classes and events or meet with students in a more personalized setting by hosting office hours at Tuck or attending a small group lunch or dinner.


The Healthcare Initiative supports a mentoring network that allows interested Tuck students to be paired with an alumni mentor in the healthcare field for valuable guidance and feedback.  Being a mentor requires only a small investment of time but can be a very rewarding experience.  If you are interested in becoming part of our mentor network please let us know.

Hire a Tuck Student

If you are an employer interested in hiring a Tuck student for an internship or fulltime position, the Healthcare Initiative Team and Tuck’s Career Development Office are available to work with you to identify and hire the right candidates for your position.



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